Additional material expands the various elements of the TotenUniverse, introduces the characters and locations and explains the origins of the band and their rediscovery.

The Myth

Read the original essay by music journalist Rob Wallet in which he examines the events of 1977 and the mysterious circumstances surrounding Toten Herzen’s disappearance. This is the seminal article that began the whole journey into the Toten Herzen myth.

‘To lose an entire band in one go was, like the band themselves, a bit clumsy.’

The Search

Following his initial essay, Rob Wallet went in search of witnesses to the Toten Herzen myth and made a life changing discovery in the mountains of Bavaria.

‘Anyway, there was an argument about which side the heart was on. Lenny wasn’t thick, but he wasn’t a surgeon either.’


The Opening

The first novel, We Are Toten Herzen, asks the question: if you could live your life again what would you do differently? Read the author’s thoughts on this universal conundrum.

‘Andy Warhol’s observation regarding 15 minutes of fame begins to look like an underachievement in the modern age.’

The Name

Read one of many short stories that supplement the TotenUniverse. In ‘The Lady With the Tail‘ Gregor Shevchuk tries to discover the real name of his succubus.

‘Can’t you look in the phone book? Nunneries have telephones, you know.’

The Opinion

He has the hardest job in music, but Toten Herzen’s manager isn’t ready to quit just yet. Read the interview with the New Yorker who has a few secrets of his own.

‘Rene van Voors . . . working with Rene was like working with Jacques Derrida, a total contradiction.’

The Test

Do you know the difference between fact and fiction? Take this test to find out which parts of the TotenUniverse are made up and which parts are real.

‘Eneliziel is listed in the Lesser Key of Solomon: true or false?’


Toten Herzen have never gone beyond the core instrumentation of the group: guitars, bass and drums. This collaboration contains a contemporary vocal track recorded by Finnish singer/songwriter RomyHarmony over a guitar track recorded in 1974.

(Music Toten Herzen / RomyHarmony – Lyrics RomyHarmony)


Some elements of the TotenUniverse lie outside the sphere of the novels, but still influence them at a distance. The Castle Obersee shorts stories are self-contained until you read the eighth novel Behind the Wall. ‘Inside the Maze’ is one of the audio-tales from Castle Obersee Season 1.