08 behind the wall
“Possibly. Perhaps they make sandwiches out of their victims. How the fuck do I know if werewolves eat bread? You ask some fucking stupid questions sometimes, Barbara.”
Rob Wallet

Builders break through the wall of a basement and find the mummified remains of three women and a man. The discovery is complicated by the fact that the house was once lived in by the owner of Toten Herzen’s original record label in the 1970s.

The discovery of four corpses in a London basement provokes renewed speculation about the band’s disappearance in 1977. A question that baffles the four members of Toten Herzen who are doing their own thing after the abrupt conclusion of the Malandanti world tour.

Susan Bekker works on the soundtrack to the epic sci-fi fantasy film Quarter Moon and suffers the demands of an arrogant orchestra conductor, a tight fisted Irish musician, and a German cellist with far too many lucrative sponsorship deals and no sense of humour.

With Dee Vincent and Elaine Daley sidelined by the band’s hiatus and Rene van Voors embedded in the lost valley with his mysterious girlfriend Ria, Rob Wallet is once again packed off to find out what happened to Peter Miles, but this time he crosses paths with a rampaging werewolf and Raven’s morbid mates calling themselves Wallet’s Angels.

In Luxembourg, Frieda Schoenhofer’s supernatural circus is on the verge of opening. Neither the visitors nor Pierre Dremba’s specialist Interpol team know the true significance of the technology being utilised. But the distractions mean Lena Siebert-Neved’s political ambitions can be unveiled to a watching public still reeling from the carnage of the coven network’s occult terrorism.

And lurking behind every wall is a simmering dispute that could erupt at any moment with enormous consequences for the living, the dead and the undead.


So far the TotenSeries has dealt with vampires, witches and ghosts. Mummified remains suggest we’re about to enter a story involving mummies, but you’d be wrong. As we arrive at the penultimate novel we need to step back and take stock of everything that has gone before and remember, the entire series, the TotenUniverse, revolves around the question: who are Toten Herzen?

In the first book we were introduced to the possibility that the comeback is a hoax orchestrated by Rob Wallet. In the second we learned of a lost valley, the source of the first European vampires. And in the third novel Wallet, Toten Herzen’s reanimator, set his own course and befriended a former member of the Malandanti.

The plan for Behind the Wall was to examine Elaine Daley’s story, the most enigmatic and secretive member of the band whose brief fling with Wallet baffled everybody. But we also learned of her family’s trauma and how her father’s unexplained murder impacted all of them in very different ways.

Daley’s life looks destined to be confined to the foggy landscape surrounding her brother’s house in Lincolnshire. A sharp contrast to Susan Bekker’s solo career after she is commissioned to record the soundtrack to a film directed by Jens Gol.

And what of Wallet? Well, as I said, we’ve had vampires, we’ve had witches and we’ve had ghosts. I thought it was time to introduce the other great monster of European folklore: the werewolf. And this one will be unlike any other you’ve come across before.

Behind the Wall will tighten the knot that brings Toten Herzen together with the Malandanti and Frieda Schoenhofer. And the bodies in the basement will add to the growing clamour to explain what really happened to the most notorious band of the 1970s and whether Rob Wallet’s extraordinary story is fact or fiction.

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