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“Here the call, the distant call, that says we’re on our way.”
Jennifer Enzo

Europe is convulsed by the collapse of a four hundred year old network of covens known as the Malandanti. At the centre of the conflict caused by a destructive rumour, one woman, Jennifer Enzo – the deranged grand-daughter of an English Satanist – searches for a dangerous 15th century grimoire and help from the Devil himself.

Disowned by her family and deranged by anger, Jennifer Enzo views the world as a demonic garden, a film script and a list of names to be assassinated. But when she finds her own name on the list she is forced out of her insular world to counter a sinister threat to her life.

Professor Virginia Bruck’s world is divided between her research in artificial intelligence and posing for her husband, the eccentric German artist Earnst Bruck. Suspected of being the source of a destructive rumour she decides to do what her semi-aristocratic family have never done throughout centuries of rumour, and fight back.

Frieda Schoenhofer, a self-made millionaire, is determined to explain the death of a local witch. Police are equally determined to explain a baffling double murder and Frieda becomes their first suspect after the body of a man is found hung above the north door of Bamberg Cathedral.

All three women share a common association: the Malandanti, a four hundred year old network of covens on the brink of collapse following rumours of a plot to kill the leading members. As the conflict intensifies and the familiar world disappears, they will be forced to reassess their own ambitions, confront the nature of guilt and innocence, and question how their beliefs explain the supernatural forces they each control.



There was a time, a prolongued period of maybe thirty years, when I avoided anything to do with Satanism, believing it brought me bad luck. An objective bystander would have pointed out the obvious fact that during this thirty year period I still endured bad luck well beyond what one might consider a reasonable amount.

The gloves came off and I challenged fate head on. With the Malandanti idea pouring out of the second Toten Herzen novel I started the most ambitious novel of the series, Who Among Us…

Intended as a paranormal action thriller, Who Among Us… expanded the TotenUniverse beyond the band and opened up a Europe-wide conspiracy dating back four hundred years. A lot of research went into ‘the making of’ the novel in the hope of forcing the reader to question the world and reality.

It isn’t an easy read. The protagonists are unsympathetic, uncompromising and violent, but I set myself the challenge of making these people engrossing. Whether you like them or not I hope you’ll have a morbid fascination for psychopathic Jennifer Enzo, duplicitous Virginia Bruck, and the indecipherable Frieda Schoenhofer (who certainly had an effect on me as you’ll discover in the next novel of the TotenUniverse).

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